KKID is in
negotiation with KnoCo on the adoption of their KM Methodology as part og the KKID methodolgy.
collaboration with KnoCo will deliver a strong global network of KM practitioners.


In a free of charge conversation we conduct a high level assessment of the status of Knowledge Management in your organization. This assessment will look into behaviors from both management as well as the workforce. It will look into your IT architecture and it will assess the status of your Information Management.


Together with your organization an at cost ( time and material ) analysis will be conducted into identified Focus areas.  The Analysis will deliver a high level KM Roadmap.

Roadmap – Solution design – Roadmap

Within the Roadmap solutions will be proposed and conseqeuntly designed. These solutions will balance their individual People , Process and Technology aspects. This stage will deliver a more detailed Roadmap and individual implementation plans for the proposed solutions. In this phase a close collaboration with managers within your organization will be required.

Training the Trainer – Implementation

Implementation of the Roadmap is best conducted by yourself. KKID will however stay involved as “responsible Architect”. In that role KKID will also conduct a “Train the Trainer” program and act as Coach for the implementors.

Evaluation – Roadmap – Evaluation

The implementation is Metrics driven. Therefore it may be required to change the detailed implementation plans and potentially the Roadmap.  A periodical evaluation is therefor part of the methodology.

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