Knowledge Management

Many books are written about Knowledge management. Different philisofies originated from  Japan, Germany and the USA. KKID is not strongly for one or the other but we believe in what works.

For us in KKID Knowledge Management is a “pick and mix” recipe of the following


Knowledge Management is primarily about implementaion of behaviors.


Leadership and foremost “Leadership by example” makes or breaks Knowledge Management. Managers need to realise they cannot buy Knowledge Management.


For KKID Knowledge management is never about technology  allthough technology is a key-enabler for KM. Succesfull technologies should however NOT be a shower of functionalities but instead lean, intuitive and with a lowest possible threshold.


KM is not a project but a Journey. At the same time it is possible to create a KM Roadmap whereas many steps can be managed as a project.


Collaboration and KM are flipsides of the same coin. You cannot have one without the other.


Change is the only constant we have. Change management skills are key to a succesfull implementaion of KM.


Applying LEAN methodologies to removes waste from processes is a good KM practise.


A succesfull implementaion of KM does not come Top – Down. Ultimately successfull implementations depend on the “what is in it for me” of the individual. This is not necessary about monetary value but more often about Professional Pride , Footprint, Passion and other deeper human motivators.

Communication based on metrics

Communication based on metrics is key to understand (metrics) and steer (communication) the implementation of KM.


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