About us

“Kemper Kennismanagement en Innovatie Diensten” was founded by Peter Kemper

After a career of 40 years, of which 36 in Royal Dutch Shell , Peter Kemper is a very experienced Information Management and Information Technology consultant with wide experience in many sub disciplines including Knowledge Management, Process and Change management.

Peter lead innovations incl. Virtual Worlds, Gaming & Simulation, Enterprise Wikipedia’s, vector based similarity checking, Open Source based Application Architectures and Enterprise Social media (like Yammer).

During his career Peter always coached and trained young staff many of which still work at Shell.

October 2016 Peter retired from RDS and is now available as freelance consultant.

Peter is born in The Hague (1955) , married and lives in the Netherlands (Rotterdam area).


KKID works together with partners under the principle of “All for One  and One for All”. We bring the right expertise to the table  and act as a single entity with a single invoice.


KKID will train and coach young staff in KM non-billable to the customer.

Social Capital

KKID aims to spend 40% of the turnover in time, as social capital,  to deliver value to non-profit organizations at no cost.


Atheneum – B  , Aloysius College The Hague (1975)
Bachelor degree Nautical Engineering Rotterdam Nautical College (1979)
3rd Officer degree large sea vessels (75m plus)  (1979)
Shell Information Technology education (1982)
Shell  LEAN practitioner (2016)
A wide variety of Technology, People skills  and  Managerial training incl. Project management.

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